Flexi Denture



Patients with metal clasp partial dentures often express that they feel self-conscious about smiling, conversing and even enjoying a meal. Not anymore!. In comparison to acrylic partials, Lucitone FRS is lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. When compared to other flexible options, Lucitone FRS offers the perfect degree of flexibility, is more stain-resistant and does not discolor, warp or become brittle, providing maximum retention, stability and esthetic appeal. They are also the easiest flexible partials to adjust in-office, and teeth and claps can be added at a later time without demarcation lines. These advantages make Lucitone FRS one of the finest solutions in removable partial denture treatment available today.


Lucitone® FRS™ Superior Characteristics

• Higher Tensile Strength – a stronger appliance with better tooth retention via diatorics

• Higher Flexural Strength – A more stable appliance with the ability to flex in and out of undercuts

• Higher Notched IZOD – a tougher appliance that will not break during functional use

• Higher Melting Point – easier to finish

• Higher Glass Transition Temperature – improved color stability and stain resistance.





• Translucent Denture Base

• Invisible Clear Clasps

• Lucitone 199® Shades



• True F-L-E-X-ability

• Monomer and Metal-Free



• High-strength properties, easy to finish and polish


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