Mouth Guard Colour


Mouth Guard Colour is custom made oral protection for adults and children. It is custom made to be of an exact fit from moulds taken by dentists. They come in a huge range of designs and colours for you to choose. From a basic clear to stripes and patterns, with Mouth Guard Colour you don't have to stick to safe colours. Each mouthguard can also incorporate up to 6 different colours! So not only you have a huge choice of designs and colours but you can co-ordinate your mouthguard.

J&J Dental Lab Mouth Guards are better, as they are made to moulds taken of the patient’s upper and lower tooth arches by a dentist or clinical dental technician. Because they are individually moulded to casts of the patients' teeth, they fit securely, which means they don't move and will minimise any restriction in breathing and speaking.


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